Facility Services

APCS is proud to be able to offer the following service to our clients:
• Facility Security & Control Assessments
• Emergency Response
• Security Plans & Policy Development
• Security Consulting

APCS provides all aspects of security consulting services, including but not limited to:
• Global consulting services provided by world-experienced security consultants
(low-profile assistance)
• Consulting for civilian, sensitive government or corporate facilities, and private interests
• Emergency services conduit and set-up assistance
• Terrorist and criminal vulnerability assessments for both personnel and property
• Operational security (OPSEC) plan development and implementation service
• 24/7 availability and assistance
• Force Protection

APCS and its affiliates offer a unique branch of service that includes personnel security detail (PSD) and force protection (FP) capabilities. These services are designed for OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) deployment, both armed and unarmed, and may be implemented in, but not limited to, the following venues:
• Urban areas (worldwide)
• Private Compouds
• High-intensity conflict areas
• Critical infrastructure priorities

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